Frequently Asked Questions


At the moment, we do not have any physical shops but with the support of patrons like you, we will soon start our brick & mortar shop.

At any point of time, we will have at least 50% more stock than what is visible on the website.

We launch  our products in batches. Moreover, we also take custom orders for jewellery. So, let us know if you want to give custom orders.

We agree. The Heart Studio products are slightly costlier than other places.
  • Creative process is a subjective one and the way in which each and every artist works differs.
  • We don’t outsource the jewellery production. We take care of everything in-house. So, the longer duration & hence higher value of our products.
  • We use premium quality resources / base materials. For example terracotta clay can be bought for even ₹80 / kg & also for ₹250 / kg depending on the quality.
  • Each piece in our catalogue is unique. So, the higher value.
  • Apart from the production cost, we also have media cost for photography & videography, cost of content writing for the website, social media & marketing cost.
  • Added to these are website domain, hosting, security & miscellaneous charges associated with an eCommerce website like this.
  • More importantly, we have the Goods & Services Tax (GST), payment gateway charges, bank charges, etc. In essence for every ₹100 that you pay almost ₹23 is spent on taxes & charges that we have to pay.
  • Most importantly, we deserve the premium that we charge! Don’t you think so?
  • If your payment has been successful, you need not worry. Sometime, the servers could take extra time to send you confirmation emails.
  • If your payment has failed, you can try again. If you face repeated problem, kindly contact us for knowing alternate ways to make the payment & place the order.
  • For any other assistance, kindly WhatsApp us at +91-9498037042 10:00 – 18:00 Hours on Weekdays alone.
  • If your order has been successful, you need not worry. We pack & send all the orders within 2 days. Sometime, the logistics company could take extra time depending on the location & weather conditions. At any rate, you need not worry.
  • If your payment has failed & you didn’t receive any confirmation, your payment will be automatically reverted to the same account that you have made the transaction.
  • For any other assistance, kindly WhatsApp us at +91-94980-37042. 10:00 Hours to 18:00 Hours on Weekdays only.
  • Stop reading this. Call us now. Don’t delay or shy away. Once the product has been shipped, we don’t offer cancellations or returns or refunds.
  • If we are not reachable, you can immediately send a WhatsApp message to us at +91-94980-37042. 10:00 – 18:00 Hours on Weekdays alone.
  • You can either call us or send a WhatsApp message to know about the feasibility of the same –  +91-94980-37042. 10:00 – 18:00 Hours on Weekdays alone.
  • By default, our packing will be like a gift to you. However, if you need to have custom message or custom packing of the products, do let us know in the notes while placing the order. We will check that & do accordingly.
  • However, if your exact requirements is unique, you can call or WhatsApp us with the order details.
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